Asparagus: Benefits you need to know and recipes

 Asparagus: Benefits you need to know and recipes

Lena Fisher

O asparagus is known for being tasty and low in calories, which is why it is a great ally of the diet, and because it is very versatile, it is used in several recipes, enriching them with its nutrients.

From the same group as garlic and onion, it is quite common in English, German and French cuisine. But, in Brazil it is still little consumed, partly because of the limited accessibility in finding it in markets and fairs and the unattractive price. But, there is a huge variety of asparagus to be consumed: fresh, canned, white and green and even purple. However, here, it is easier to find thegreen.

Rich in antioxidants, especially phenolics and flavonoids, it is also a source of vitamins, especially C, and minerals - essential for good health.

Benefits of Asparagus

Combats anemia

A rich source of iron, the vegetable helps fight the symptoms of anemia, as well as preventing the condition. In addition, it eases the symptoms of depression.

Prevents osteoporosis

Contrary to what many people think, milk is not the only source of calcium. In fact, asparagus is abundant in this mineral, and thus prevents diseases that afflict bones, such as osteoporosis.

Strengthens immunity

Nutritious, this vegetable strengthens immunity, thus preventing diseases, acting directly in favor of the immune system.

Asparagus helps weight loss

Low in calories and a source of fiber, it is a notorious ally of the diet. In other words, by helping to improve bowel function, it benefits the intestinal flora and helps in weight loss. Likewise, it is a powerful diuretic, because it contains carbohydrates and saponin, compounds that act in the elimination of liquids through urine. Consequently, it can ease fluid retention.

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How to consume

Asparagus can be used as a side dish for meat, fish, and poultry, as well as a great starter or ingredient for salads. Versatile, it can be added to many recipes, such as

  • Pies and quiches
  • Salads
  • Lasagna, pasta and risotto
  • Omelet

Cautions when consuming asparagus

There are no contraindications to consumption; however, when consumed in excess, it can cause a specific odor in the urine.

Asparagus cream soup recipe

Ingredients for: Cream of asparagus soup

  • - 1,0 cube of Knorr Vegetable Bouillon
  • - 1.0 carton of Nestlé Light Cream
  • - 500.0 liters of Water
  • - 450.0 grams of Asparagus
  • - 1.0 tablespoon Onion
  • - 2.0 tablespoons of light Unsalted Margarine Qualy Sadia


In a pan, melt the margarine and brown the chopped onion. Add the chopped asparagus, the water, and the chicken broth. Mix well, cover and let it cook until the asparagus is soft, stirring occasionally. Then transfer it to a blender and blend until everything is well dissolved. Finally, add the heavy cream, mix well, and take it to the fire again to heat.

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