Bread with butter in the diet is possible!

 Bread with butter in the diet is possible!

Lena Fisher

Who doesn't love a warm buttered bread? coffee The combination satisfies the stomach and comforts the heart... But it can be quite calorific. However, with some tips, you can add the food to your diet. Understand:

Why is buttered bread considered a villain in the diet?

According to physician Thiago Brigagão Alcântara, a specialist in sports and exercise medicine and author of the book Emagreça Sem Cortar o Pãozinho (Emagreça Sem Cortar o Pãozinho) (Editora Pandorga), bread is a source of simple carbohydrate If added together, the two ingredients add a lot of calories to the menu, and can encourage the stocking of fat in the body.

This is because this type of carbohydrate is the body's primary source of energy - that is, quickly converted into glucose (sugar). In addition, saturated fat, although natural and found in foods such as beef and pork, cheese and dairy products, can lead to weight gain and to the development of heart problems if in excess.

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How many calories are in a buttered bread?

A unit of buttered French bread can reach 280 calories !

How to eat buttered bread without getting fat?

In the post-workout

Thiago explains that a good time to eat the bread roll is after breakfast. physical activity In this way, you will already have burned the equivalent calories and ensure energy replenishment.

With good sources of protein

A slice of white cheese, eggs, and shredded chicken will make you fuller and may even contribute to the muscle mass gain .

Without the kernel

If you do this, the amount of calories can be greatly reduced!

Only half!

Finally, it is worth remembering that the key word is moderation: why not eat only half? balanced diet for the rest of the day.

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Source: Thiago Brigagão Alcântara, postgraduate in endocrinology and metabology, specialist in sports and exercise medicine, and author of Emagreça sem Cortar o Pãozinho (Editora Pandorga), CRM/SP 156.421 and SBMEE - RQE 91.757.

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