Is pain during intercourse a sign of pregnancy, as Viih Tube reported?

 Is pain during intercourse a sign of pregnancy, as Viih Tube reported?

Lena Fisher

On Tuesday (20), Viih Tube, who is an ex-BBB and digital influencer, announced that she is pregnant with her first child. The baby is the result of her relationship with Eliezer, also an ex-BBB. The news was given in a video published on YouTube, with both of them excited to reveal the news. But it was in a question box, on Instagram, that Viih told more details about the suspected pregnancy.Among the signs that raised the possibility that she might be pregnant, what caught the couple's attention was that the digital influencer was feeling pain during intercourse.

After that, she went to the doctor to understand what it could be. However, the ex-BBB's comment raised the doubt: pain in the is sexual intercourse a sign of being pregnant? According to Carlos Moraes, gynecologist and obstetrician at Santa Casa/SP, no. "Usually, feeling discomfort during sexual intercourse is not the main symptom of pregnancy", explains the specialist. Naira Scartezzini Senna, gynecologist and obstetrician, gives the same answer: "Discomfort during sexual activity is not a pregnancy hypothesis described in medical literature", reinforces the doctor.

Carlos also explains that headaches as well as migraines are not usually the main indications of pregnancy in most women - although these two symptoms were also cited by the digital influencer as gestational signs that made her seek specialized care.

Besides the discomfort during intercourse, Viih Tube said she felt cramps after the act, and this tends to be a possible scenario for when a woman is pregnant and knows it. "Some female figures who are already pregnant may eventually feel cramps after intercourse. This is a very common symptom," Carlos details.

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If pain during intercourse is not indicative of pregnancy, how does one arrive at the picture?

Although the solution that the digital influencer found was to take a pregnancy test, normally, the path of pregnancy discovery is not that. A woman is suspected to be pregnant in two situations.

The first is when she comes to the doctor's office with non-specific complaints, for example, pain during intercourse, migraine headaches, and other symptoms mentioned by the ex-BBB.

The second situation is more within the common suspicion of pregnancy, because the patient comes to the office reporting three cases (together or separately):

  • She is menstrually late;
  • You are not using any method of contraception;
  • She did not use the contraceptive regularly.

It is worth keeping in mind that the first gestational symptoms usually appear 15 days after the sexual intercourse and, normally, the first sign is nausea.


  • Dr. Carlos Moraes, gynecologist and obstetrician from Santa Casa/SP, member of FEBRASGO and expert in Perinatology from the Teaching and Research Institute of Hospital Albert Einstein, and in Conjugal Infertility and Ultrasound in Gynecology and Obstetrics from FEBRASGO.
  • Dr. Naira Scartezzini Senna, gynecologist and obstetrician, professor and consultant for the Afya group.

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