Naboth Cyst: Learn about the condition that affects some women

 Naboth Cyst: Learn about the condition that affects some women

Lena Fisher

Have you ever heard of Naboth's cyst? womanhood which is caused by a little problem in the functioning of the Naboth glands, which produce mucus.

These structures have the function of humidifying and lubricating the lower vaginal tract. bacteria present in the vagina However, when the mucus outflow channels become blocked, a cyst appears. So, understand this better with five facts on the subject:

5 facts about Naboth's cyst

1 - It is an obstruction in the mucus outlet

The tissues of the cervix are always renewing themselves, but if, for some reason, one cellular tissue overlaps with another during this process, they can end up obstructing the mucus outlet. Then a cyst is formed, like a " spine in the cervix" - that is, a little ball of mucus that has been retained.

2 - It is more common in young women

This is because women in reproductive age produce more mucus, which increases the risk of the problem.

3 - Naboth cyst is asymptomatic

The appearance of the cyst does not cause any pain Often, only routine exams done by the gynecologist are able to detect it, as well as imaging tests - transvaginal ultrasound or colposcopy, for example.

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4 - It's nothing to worry about

It is common, i.e., if it appears, it should not be a cause for concern, because it is benign. It will be followed up by the doctor at regular visits and may disappear spontaneously.

5 - Naboth cyst is usually small

In most cases, it does not exceed one centimeter - the chance of it being larger than that is very small. Experts say that, in the literature, cases have been reported in which there was the need to remove it, but, clinically, this is not usually the orientation. If doubts arise regarding the diagnosis a biopsy can be done.

Sources: Nelly Kobayashi gynecologist, obstetrician and sexologist at VidaBemVinda Assisted Human Reproduction Clinic, in São Paulo; and Fernanda Rosa Delli Paoli gynecologist at the Paoli Clinic and specialist in Lower Genital Tract Pathology, from São Paulo.

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